1. What is Legal Backstop?

Legal Backstop allows an attorney the ability to focus on larger tasks while hiring top professionals for smaller tasks. The hired attorney also benefits by accepting the task while earning primary or additional income.

2. Who can benefit from LBS usage?

LBS was designed to partner legal associates alike in a professional online atmosphere.

3. Can you explain why I would use LBS when the firm I work for can take care of this task?

Legal Backstop is composed of Legal, Business, Financial and Technical expertise with more than 20 years combined experience, can assure proper screening with selected candidates is performed on a regular* basis.

4. How do I access the portal?

The portal link can be seen on the home page as well as the “Who We Are” page has a link to proceed with registration to join our professional community.

5. How do I send files to the contracted legal professional?

Files can be sent using LBS’s messaging which extends to the registered professionals of LBS. Only invited guests of the conversation can view the material and chat details keeping confidentiality as a top priority. The chat is intended to keep open communication for file transfer and any specific details such as location specifics or client data.

6. Is there a monthly or yearly cost for registered users?

No. Registration is free with Legal Backstop.

7. How are the hired attorneys checked?

Each registered user of LBS provides confidential information which is cross referenced before access to the community is provided. The credentials are also verified on a random basis to assure BAR status is kept up to date in Legal Backstop’s database.

8. What if I am looking for an opportunity to fill in my area, not to post one?

We welcome professionals looking for opportunities to respond quickly. Registration is required to view and accept LBS specific opportunities and tasks.

9. How are fees calculated for each opportunity?

Each posted opportunity will have specified criteria. The fee calculation is based on a percentage of precise variables to assure the best experience and payout are provided to all parties.